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Pastor Mathew Feeley

Get To Know The Speaker

Pastor Mathew Feeley was born and raised in Toronto. The early years of his life were troubled and characterized by drug abuse and crime. Fortunately, God intervened and at the age of 17 and Pastor Feeley became a Seventh-day Adventist after attending a Youth Week of Prayer at the Scarborough Seventh-day Adventist church.


He never planned on becoming an Adventist and he never planned on becoming a Pastor. In fact, he spent some time running away from God's will like Jonah. But eventually, Pastor Feeley listened to the advice of his church elders and his Pastor and accepted God's call to Pastoral Ministry. He studied at Burman University in Alberta and later did his Master of Divinity at Andrews University in Michigan.


Currently, he is the Senior Pastor of the Ottawa East Seventh-day Adventist church. Evangelism has been a large part of Pastor Feeley's ministry. He has spent much of his time as a Pastor conducting evangelistic series -  throughout Canada, the United States, the Caribbean, the Philippines, and Brazil. 


Pastor's Feeley's goal is to be a channel of grace and to help others know that Savior who saved him 17 years ago. He is ever thankful for the loving support of his dear wife Kristy and son Ayden.



The past tense of wake.

Sandria Ricketts

Get To Know The Singing Evangelist

Sandria Ricketts has great passion for music and has been singing in the church since the age of three. She is graduate of York University’s music program and has sung for evangelistic series all over Canada, the U.S., the Caribbean, the U.K. and Italy.


She believes that music is one of the unique ways mankind can unite with God in His mission to save. Music can surmount the barriers that often divide us, and she cherishes each opportunity to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ through song.

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Image by Behnam Norouzi

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Woke In the Word

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Rest for the Weary

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Lessons from the Storm

Oct 27

Money Matters

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Oct 28

Cross Fit

Oct 21

The Difference a Day Can Make

Oct 30

When the Game Ends

Oct 23

The Difference a Night Can Make

Oct 31 - 11AM

There's No Place Like Home

Oct 24 - 11AM

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Just Like Jesus

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Participating churches & pastors


Pastor Errol Lawrence

Dr. Errol A. Lawrence is an ordained minister of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with over 40 years of pastoral and administrative experience. He began his ministry at the Balham Church and the Brixton Church in London, England, after graduating with a BA in Religion from Newbold College. 


He has spent time serving as a missionary in Liberia,was a Professor at Burman University in Alberta and chaired its Religious studies department, has served as the Ministerial Director in the Ontario Conference of Seventh-day Adventists and has Pastored at Apple Creek & Toronto West SDA Churches. 


Notably, Dr. Lawrence and his wife Pam, along with their four children -- Abigail, Michaela, Anthony and Antonia, -- went to Berrien Springs, Michigan, where they all undertook studies. Pastor Lawrence completed his Master of Divinity and Doctor of Ministry degrees at Andrews University. 


Since January 2018, he has been the Senior Pastor of Toronto East Seventh-day Adventist Church. He loves people and is known for his wit and keen sense of humour. But, his love for God and for evangelism has been the guiding principle and the hallmark of his years of success as a minister of the gospel.



Pastor Andre Anderson

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada Andre Anderson and has lived most of his life in the Scarborough area. His passion is to see young people live their lives to the full potential, knowing that great decisions early in life will set the tone for a successful life in the future. Andre seeks to empower young people to break free of stereotypes and negative cycles and that have impacted their families and communities.


He is married to the love of his life Anetra Anderson formally Anetra Jones and together they have four children together.


After graduating in 1993 from West Hill collegiate institute, he continued on to study at York University where he earned a BA in Sociology and a minor in African Studies. Andre recently finished his studies at Andrews University Theological Seminary where he recently completed a Masters of Divinity with an emphasis in Old Testament Studies and Biblical languages.


A well sought after speaker he has travelled to places such as Tanzania, Bermuda, Jamaica, and several cities in the United States as well as extensively throughout Canada. By profession André Anderson is a Pastor in the Seventh-day Adventist church in Canada where he is currently serves as the Pastor of the Shiloh Seventh day Adventist church.


Pastor Elizabeth Pule

Elizabeth Pule was born and raised in Toronto, and is proud to be a Filipino/Russian. She has had the opportunity to work in Ontario as a pastor/chaplain for the last 16 years.


Since August 2017, both Pastor Liz and her husband Pastor Orlando serve as Co-Directors at the Ontario Conference of the Seventh-day Adventist Church overseeing ministries to Family, Singles, Men and Women.


They have 3 sons: Gabriel-13, Isaiah-12 and Samuel-7, who bring joy and lots of energy to their family. She strongly believes in sharing Jesus’ love - no strings attached. 


Pastor Jayson Levy

Pastor Jayson Levy was born in the sunny Island of Jamaica and migrated to Toronto Canada at age ten. Many years later he earned a Bachelor of Arts in Religion degree from Northern Caribbean University. While doing his undergraduate program he started the first student-led street ministry team on campus and was the President of his Ministerial Class and Chaplin of the student Government. This was also the place where he met his better half, Margeaux.


He then began full-time ministry at the Ontario Conference, first as a Bible Instructor for the Toronto East SDA Church and then as an Associate Pastor at the Scarborough SDA Church. Pastor Jayson spent five years at Scarborough, also serving as chaplain to Crawford Adventist Academy East campus.


In 2010 he began his seminary studies at Andrews University where he earned his Masters of Divinity. While at Andrews, God permitted him to serve as President of the Seminary Student government where he functioned as and advocate for his fellow ministers.

God has blessed him with a virtuous wife Margeaux who provides direction and clarity to his ministry. She is the love of His life and the blessed mother of their children Kaylon and Isabel.


His ministry philosophy is found in 1 Corinthians 10:31 “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.”

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