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 Meet Our Team 

Serving Christ Together

Ottawa East is led by a team of people with different backgrounds, experiences and passions. Some of us are paid leaders, and some of us volunteers. We’re honoured to be in the roles we are in, and we have a lot of fun, but our primary focus is to help people take their next step with Jesus.

Our Pastor


Pastor TBD

We currently do not have a Pastor. We will update this page when we have a Pastor installed at the church.

Our Board of Elders

The Board of Elders is comprised of ordained Elders who are called by God and elected by the congregation to serve as spiritual leaders. They provide general oversight for the running of the church and are involved in nurturing members. The Board of Elders works closely with the Pastor and each Elder liaises with at least one department and provides support, input and advice, as needed.

The current objective of the Board of Elders is to serve the congregation. This is done in various ways: coordinating the Wednesday night prayer meetings; visiting the sick; providing communion to the shut-ins; maintaining contact with members; conducting Bible studies; and, assisting the Pastor in following-up with individuals who are interested in learning more about the church.

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Roy Hutagoal

Head Elder


Nebiu Mekasha



Regis Bah


Robert Remy.JPEG

Robert Remy



Tito Rugamba



Akehil Johnson


Our Board of Directors

The church board provides a platform for pastoral staff and church members to come together and make decisions to further the mission of the Ottawa East church. Being a member of such a board is a weighty and honourable task. Our board members, who have been elected by the church board at large, are persons who portray in their personal and corporate life qualities of spirituality, fairness, tact, and good judgment. In addition, our board members are trustees that will operate in the church’s best interest.

Our church board members are legally and morally responsible for all activities of the congregation. It is responsible for nurturing and promoting the vision and mission of the congregation/district. The board is responsible for determining congregational policy, developing the annual budget, and determining the goals of the congregation.

Roy Hutagaol

Nebiu Mekasha

Elder & Personal Ministries Director

Carmen Ayivi

Dione Scott

Children's Ministry Director

Paul Carless

Head Deacon

Rachael Nakato

Social Committee Leader

Davol Nugent

Health Ministries Director

Mathieu Sylvain

Education & Home School Director

Regis Bah


Robert Remy


Andrew Kerandi


Judith Marwanga

Sabbath School Superintendent

Keisha Maxius

Head Deaconess

Catherine Muhorakaye

AV Director & Building Committee Chair

Joan Buchanan

Adventurers Club Director

Randy Sidaoui

Communications Director

Tito Rugamba


Akehil Johnson

Elder & Pathfinder Club Director

Tristan Mignott

Youth & Young Adult Leader

Lenah Maranga

Family Life Director

Catherine Muhorakaye

Head Greeter

Sandra Griffith-Bonaparte

Music Ministry Director

Jennifer Caesar

Prayer Ministries Director

Edil Gordon

Community Services Director